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Growing up in Chicago, art and natural beauty have been an integral part of Miguel Ortiz’s life, which makes it no surprise that these aspects have become his unwavering craftwork and personal passion.  

Early on, Miguel did many of his budding sketches in graffiti blackbooks, affording him the practice to master his unique style and exquisite ability.

After high school, Miguel attended Richard J. Daley Community College in Chicago. Throughout college he took as many art classes as possible, and when 3 hour oil painting courses felt more like a moment, he was certain he had found something special to him.  

Originally, Miguel aspired to be an oil painter, but over time he considered tattooing to be his true calling.  Being inspired by real life such as nature and the human figure, he has always been attracted to realism in art. 

In 2016, Miguel began his apprenticeship at Shred’s Inferno Tattoo Shop, where he studied under its namesake to progress his artistry one tattoo at a time. Black and gray realism is Miguel’s preferred style of tattooing and the artistic medium he enjoys creating most.

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